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Welcome To Cameroon Hunting Adventures

Cameroon Hunting Adventures is a joint operation between Mike Currie, and Glen and Mark Haldane. Together offering you 65 years in the hunting industry. All of us having hunted most of the Southern and East African Countries.

In an attempt to offer our clients a continued level of professionalism that they have become accustomed to, we have decided to expand into the Cameroon. Mike has 8 years of extensive first hand hunting experience and camp management in the area which has allowed us acess to the finest concessions and hunting blocks available. 

Introduction to Cameroon
Situated on Africa’s West coast, Cameroon is one of Africa’s most diverse countries. Stretching from the tropical rainforests in the South (at a latitude of 1o N), through the mixed woodlands and savannah’s, into the more arid north and finally up to Lake Chad (at a latitude of 13oN). This diversity in vegetation hosts an incredibly vast array of animal and bird species. Ranging from the elusive Bongo, Forest Sitatunga and Giant Forest Hog, through to the Lord Derby Eland, North Western Buffalo and Roan in the north.

Surrounded by Gabon and Equatorial Guinea in the South, the Central African Republic and Chad to the East, Nigeria and the Atlantic Ocean to the West. Cameroon is one of the most financially and politically stable countries in central Africa. Cameroon has a well developed timber, agricultural  and petroleum industries.
The name Cameroon comes from the early Portuguese sailors who discovered the abundance of mud lobsters in the Wouri river (at the present day Douala). They thus named it the “Rio des Camaroes” or “River of Shrimp”. Thus the name Cameroon, in reference to the shrimp. The two official languages of the Cameroon are English and French, with French being more widely spoken.

The local currency is known as the CFA Franc (XAF). This can be calculated at a fixed rate of exchange as 650 CFA to the Euro. The population of Cameroon is estimated to be about 20 million people, in a country slightly larger than the state of California.

Access to the country is easy via Europe and South Africa, with several airlines using Douala as one of their main points of entry. Air France offer daily non-stop flights from Paris.

Digital Brochure

We are very fortunate in having a team of 11 dedicated full time Guides, all with heaps of dangerous game experience who are happiest when they are in the field hunting. Our Operations Manageress, Camp Manageresses and full time Videographers compliment our team...
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Latest Highlights

John Verlander
John Verlander
John Verlander Hunting in Cameroon with PH : Mark Haldane and Mike Currie from the 14th of January to the 27th of January 2012

Total Photos : 5
Mike Velander
Mike Velander
Mike Verlander Hunting in Cameroon with PH : Mark Haldane and Mike Currie from the 14th of January to the 27th of January 2012

Total Photos : 16